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MAYA n. Hinduism. The power of a god or demon to transform a concept into an element of the world of the senses. Maya is also the name of a mythical Hindu king, who served the gods as their celestial architect and buider.

Monkey Gargoyle
Stone lantern

Maya Creations has been cultivating business and artistic relationships in Indonesia since 1999. We are primarily working with selected artists and craftspeople who specialise in high quality decorative work.

For more than 50 years, there has been a synergistic creative partnership between Balinese artists and artisans and "Western" artists.

Visiting European artists were captivated by the endemic arts and skills of the Balinese and the striking natural beauty of the island.

Stone carver From this rich fusion has come a plethora of arts, crafts and architectural products and designs, realised by both Balinese and non-Balinese artists and craftspersons.
Many Balinese have taken the opportunity to develop their inherent artistic skills to take advantage of the growing appreciation of the Balinese essence all over the world.

Carving limestone panels, reliefs, ventilation panels for walls (called losters), stone garden lanterns, water features and a vast variety of statues (modern contemporary, traditional Hindu and Buddhist icons, faux primitive, to name a few) has become one of the most developed - and beautiful - art and craft forms.

Unique custom designs

Maya Creations can commission work for interior decor, landscaping and architechtural use, liasing with professional designers and architects. These may be simple decorative wall pieces through to large panels which can be made up according to a chosen architectural theme used in entrance ways, lobbies, bathrooms and garden walls. Water features, interior and exterior lighting, shop and restaurant fitting, and commercial displays are some of the other applications. Individual designs by property developers and artistically-minded home owners can also be realised.


Temple kids

Arron Manfield - an artist and designer himself - can design a pattern for the client to suit a special theme, for example art deco, art noveau, minimalist etc. or choose appropriate designs inspired by the artists according to your brief. We are endeavouring to make direct contact with master artists, craftsmen and designers to ensure that they receive as much direct gain as possible, ensuring that the majority of funds is directed into the local arts community. Wherever possible we are engaging Balinese artistans.

We're also importing a range of hand machined marble vanity basins, hand carved decorative door knobs, water features, plinths and hand crafted wooden children's furniture.